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Maxim Introduces an Automotive 4-Channel TFT-LCD Power Supply

October 25, 2020 by Hailey Stewart

This article highlights Maxim Integrated MAX25222 4-channel TFT-LCD power IC that provides symmetrical positive AVDD and negative NAVDD supplies.

The MAX25222 is a 4-channel TFT-LCD power IC that provides symmetrical positive AVDD and negative NAVDD supplies, as well as VGON and VGOFF gate supplies. In addition, a VCOM buffer with output voltage range above and below ground and a temperature measurement block are integrated.


Image courtesy of Maxim Integrated 


The device contains non-volatile memory so that the values of all outputs can be calibrated for the lifetime of the device (maximum five times).

Programming is carried out using the built-in I2C interface, which can also be used to read back diagnostic information. A stand-alone mode is available after the device has been programmed.

The temperature sensor interface block measures the temperature, optionally allowing the VCOM output voltage to be adjusted depending on the measured temperature. The MAX25222 includes extensive diagnostics to aid in fulfilling ASIL-B safety level.

The MAX25222 is available in a TQFN package and operates in the -40 to 125°C temperature range.


Key Features

  • High Integration
    • Synchronous Boost Provides AVDD of 4.2V to 10.5V at up to 200mA
    • NAVDD Inverter Output at up to -200mA
    • 15mA VGON Output (7.6V to 20.2V) from 3x Regulated Charge Pump
    • VGOFF (-18.2V to -5.6V) from Regulated Charge Pump at up to -15mA (Charge-Pump Doubler)
    • Controlled Sequencing during Power-On and Power-Off of All Rails
    • VCOM Output Range +1V to -2.49V in 6.83mV Steps
    • NTC Input for Temperature Measurement/Compensation
  • Low EMI
    • 420kHz/2.1MHz Switching Frequency with Spread Spectrum
  • I2C Control/Diagnostic Interface with FLTB (Interrupt) Output
    • UV diagnostics on All Outputs
    • OV diagnostics on All Outputs
    • Bandgap Reference Out of Range
    • Stuck FLTB pin
    • Communication Parity Check
    • VCOM DAC Fault
  • Versatile
    • Non-Volatile Output Voltage Settings on AVDD/NAVDD, VGON, VGOFF, VCOM, and Sequencing
    • Supports Stand-Alone Operation Mode after Programming
    • Compact 5mm x 5mm TQFN32 Package
  • ​AECQ100 Grade 1



  • Central Information Displays
  • Infotainment Displays
  • Instrument Clusters


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