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Magna Power Announces New Water Cooled Power Supplies

March 06, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Magna-Power has just introduced their TS Series of Water Cooled Power supplies. They cover the range of 15 to 45kW. There are 80 models rated from 16 to 1000Vdc with current ranges from 20 to 2700Adc.

The water cooled feature allows the power supplies to be sealed from the environment and enables placement in wet, sandy, corrosive, or other harsh conditions. The supplies are designed to provide reliable, long-term operation and plaiting facilities electrodionization treatment plants, shipboard, and military applications. Water cooling also permits power supplies to be stacked in high density equipment racks where air cooling is not possible or desirable. All units have the CE Mark.

The 15 kW supplies, which the company believes to be the industry’s smallest, are 5 1/4 inches high, weigh 125 pounds, and fit into a standard 19 inch rack. Delivery is from 12 to 14 weeks.