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IXYS Introduces TrenchMV™ Power MOSFETs In An Isolated Power Module

May 14, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

IXYS Corp. introduced a new family of 55 to 100V high power TrenchMV Power MOSFETs integrated in an isolated power module, ISOPLUS-DIL, as a three phase bridge (six-pack configuration).

This module family, the GWM series, is with a ceramic isolated surface using the IXYS DCB and packaging technology and is a surface mountable module (ISOPLUS-DIL). The company claims that the combination of efficient Power MOSFETs with the ISOPLUS packaging technology results in a competitive advantage in performance, thermal cycling (no thermal fatigue) and high efficiency power solution that is unmatched in the industry. These types of devices have been already designed in by IXYS customers in a variety of automotive applications.

IXYS claims that lower on resistance and lower gate charge, increased ruggedness and faster switching speeds allow for more power efficient devices. The Direct Copper Bonded (DCB) ceramic isolation in combination with the insert-molding technology is said to create a reliable module with an extreme high power density with excellent isolation, thermal conductivity and no thermal fatigue.

IXYS provides the surface mountable module in the voltage range from 55 to 100V while currents range from 40 to 160A. The GWM160-0055X1-SMD (55V, 160A, Ron = 0.0027Ω with isolated Rthjc = 0.9K/W) is just an example of the surface mountable module with TrenchMV Power MOSFET. Besides the standard six-pack configuration IXYS offers several different options with respect to the internal layout and type of silicon chips inside.

The ISOPLUS-DIL combined with the TrenchMV Power MOSFETs finds homes in many rugged hard switching applications. These devices are designed to meet the most robust conditions commonly required by the automotive or electric vehicle sector. The ISOPLUS-DIL can be surface mounted with a standard pick and place machine and is suitable for re-flow processes. The automation level of the end product production can be maintained and have the benefits of ceramic module isolation. IXYS has been shipping the GWM series products to select automotive customers in Europe.

The GWM series containing the latest technology TrenchMV Power MOSFETs is described as a very compact and reliable solution for automotive applications. Design-in and use are simplified with the electrical and mechanical properties of the ISOPLUS-DIL since the package does not need special mounting or electrical isolation to a heatsink. IXYS can offer any power semiconductor configuration in this module family as application specific standard power products (ASSPP).