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ITW Paktron Announces 3rd Generation, Thermally Shielded Capacitor for Pb-Free Soldering

April 05, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

ITW Paktron has introduced a Thermally Shielded enhanced version of the standard Type CB4G product, which is designed for lead (Pb)-free surface mount assembly. The capacitor plate elements of the enhanced type CB4G-FS version retain the same core construction as before; therefore the electrical and environmental performance specifications are unchanged from the original market proven CB4G product. However, enhanced processing and improved packaging allows this thermally shielded version to handle the higher reflow soldering temperatures used for lead (Pb)-free smd assembly and as a result the product is categorized RoHS-6 compliant.

This latest product innovation is the only volume produced metallized film capacitor that is capable of withstanding the reflow solder temperatures as specified in IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020. These enhanced products are compatible with industry standard lead (Pb)-free reflow solder assembly procedures.

The Type CB4G-FS product features ultra-low ESR and high ripple current capability in a small case size. Designed for high frequency filtering and EMI/RFI suppression in ac-dc or dc-dc power conversion applications. These capacitors provide improved stability, both electrically and mechanically, compared to large multilayer ceramics, in addition to offering "no-cracking" and "non-shorting" operation.

Typical pricing for the 100V rating is in the $2 to $5 range in production quantities. Delivery is from stock to six weeks.