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Intersil Holding Announces the FSR1110 MOSFET

February 13, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Intersil Holding Corp. (Palm Bay, FL) recently announced that designers of satellite power conditioning and power switching applications can now implement multiple radiation hardened (Rad Hard) MOSFETs in a single package. The FSR1110 device is a quad 100V, 680 milliohm MOSFET that is rated to a total dose capacity of 100,000 RADS. The FSR1110 is the latest addition to the FS family of Rad Hard MOSFETs that delivers Single Event Effects (SEE) protection. It is designed to offer the use of four independent and isolated devices in a single package which uses less board space. The FSR1110 is also designed to feature low Rds(on) and gate charge minimizing both conduction and switching loss in satellite power systems.

"The FSR1110 MOSFET is another addition to our Rad Hard power management solution," said Jerry Kim, space and defense power marketing manager at Intersil. "This device is unique to the industry in that it conserves board space and is also fully rated for single event effects. It provides the high level of integration and radiation hardness that satellite power systems demand. The FS family includes n-channel and p-channel devices in a variety of voltage, current and on-resistance ratings. The devices feature immunity to SEE and Single Event Gate Rupture (SEGR) and are rated to 100,000 RADS of total dose hardness."

The FSR1110 is currently available in a 14-lead DIL package.