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International Rectifier Offers Rad-Hard, Ultra-Low Dropout Voltage Regulators

December 11, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

International Rectifier (IR) has introduced a new line of radiation-hardened (RAD-Hard™), 3A, fixed- or adjustable-output, ultra-low dropout (ULDO) voltage regulators for high-reliability applications such as satellites and space exploration vehicles where radiation survivability and power consumption are critical parameters. Compared to other solutions on the market, dropout voltage has been reduced from 1.0V to 0.4V, resulting in a 60% decrease in power consumption.

"IR's new hybrid linear voltage regulators feature low power consumption increasing overall system-level efficiency," said Rick Furtney, vice president of International Rectifier's HiRel Sector Business Unit. "These ULDOs are ready and proven solutions that reduce parts count, simplify layout and save time for circuit designers," Furtney continued.

The RAD-Hard ULDOs are characterized to single event effect (SEE), with a linear energy transfer (LET) of 84MeV/(mg/cm²), as well as total ionizing dose (TID) of up to 1Mrad (Si) and enhanced low dose rate sensitivity (ELDRS) of up to 500krad (Si) in accordance with MIL-STD-883, Method 1019.6, test condition D. These parts are designed for satellites operating from near earth orbit to deep space and are available in either space level or unscreened versions.

The regulators feature low noise and fast transient response and are designed for space-level point-of-load and post-dc-dc power conversion for field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and digital signal processing (DSP) controllers. The new ULDOs maintain performance throughout their current range, and have as much as three times more radiation hardness than other devices on the market.

Two groups of ULDOs are available: The 3.3V input devices are available with 2.5V or 1.8V fixed or adjustable output, while the 5V input devices have adjustable or fixed 2.5V or 3.3V output.

The new ULDO voltage regulators are offered in two hermetic package styles: MO-078AA for printed wire board applications and 8-lead flat pack for surface mount assemblies. The MO-078AA is a high-density package measuring 0.690-in. x 0.820-in., while the surface mount 8-lead flat pack measures 0.750-in. x 0.750-in. Both packages provide 7.5W of power at full load.

Pricing begins at US $610 each in 100-unit quantity.