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Inspired Energy Launches High Power Density Battery Optimized For Robotics & 24V DC Motor Applications

April 08, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Inspired Energy launched their first in a new range of high power density smart lithium ion batteries packs; the 7-cell, 25V, 2.9Ah, 73Wh, PG3665A29.

Developed primarily with the needs of 24Vdc motor applications in mind, the company claims that the PG3665 harnesses the high power density of the latest technology Li Ion cells to create a compact, rugged, 25V lithium ion battery pack with the capability to continuously deliver 20A with 30A peaks. This makes it suitable for use with 24Vdc motors which often have high inrush currents at start-up & shut-off.

"The success of the new breakthrough lithium ion cell technologies as used in power tools, along with demand from customers led us to develop the new PG3665." said Inspired Energy Managing Director Lex Jacobs. "We worked with a customer in the medical device market to create a new battery that jointly suited our needs for a new standard battery design and their need for a power source to run their 24Vdc motor system."

The PG3665 is designed for use in rugged environments, featuring an aluminum extruded case with molded end-caps which recess the D-sub connector, fuel-gauge window and the stainless, spring-steel pull handle. If required, the battery can be physically located in place by sliding M4 nuts along the included "T-tracks" to bolt it to a chassis. With a nominal voltage of 25.2V the PG3665 is perfect for use with 24Vdc electric motors - its high discharge current capability enables it to easily handle large current spikes during start-up. The use of a high-current D-Sub connector with optional screw-mounting posts also enables the use of a cable battery connection, effectively creating a version with "flying leads".

The PG3665 battery can be recharged in-situ using an SMBus-compliant charger, or can be recharged in the "P-Series" desktop chargers available from Inspired Energy. These chargers are also designed with rugged applications in mind, featuring the same extruded construction and are available with ac mains cables for USA, UK & European operation.