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ICP Global Debuts iSun and iSunSport Solar Chargers

December 13, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

ICP Global Technologies Inc. (Montreal, Canada) announced that its portable solar charger, the iSun, is being released as a renewable and portable power charger for all cell phones, MP3 players, PDAs, laptops and other small electronic devices.

The device is the first modular and scalable solar charger that is adaptable to any rechargeable battery-powered portable electronics. With a footprint no larger than a VHS cassette, and a weight of less than 350g, the iSun is available in two versions, the iSun and the iSunSport. The iSun is targeted for business or leisure travel, whereas the iSunSport features increased weather resistance for outdoor recreational use. Each package includes a 12V cigarette lighter socket and seven plugs for small electronics. Various accessories will be launched at a later date.

"The result is an anytime and anywhere charging solution for business trips, an antidote to a low battery at home or on the road, and peace of mind in a package small enough to slip into your briefcase or knapsack," said Sass Peress, chief energizing officer.