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HP Unveils 3-Phase UPS For IT Operations

January 01, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Hewlett Packard (HP) unveiled the new HP Parallel 3-Phase Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS RP36000/3) to help customers improve IT operations with better power density, power efficiency, and flexibility. According to HP, the new UPS RP36000/3 provides the highest level of power protection from HP and dissipates less than half as much heat into a data center compared to the nearest competitor offering. It enables attached servers to save all work in progress and initiate a shutdown in the event of power loss, and restores it with Thermal Logic power policies to ensure business picks up where it left off.

According to the company, when compared to competing offerings, HP’s new 3 Phase UPS can save more than $1,000 a year in power and cooling costs in the 12kW rack-mount model and more than $6,000 for the 60kW row-level configuration. Power protection in the data center is critical to maintain up time, and the increased densities in data centers is driving the need for uninterruptible power with increased power density, power efficiency, and flexibility. The pre-racked uninterruptible power system provides 36kW of power or 24kW with N+1 redundancy. Housed in a single HP 10000 Series G2 42U rack, it can be expanded to 60kW with N+1 simply by installing up to 3 additional HP RP12000/3 UPS Modules. Digital signal processing, wireless-paralleling, and new On-line On Demand hybrid technology are said to answer the demands for density, redundancy, efficiency and flexibility.

On-line On Demand combines the efficiency of a line interactive UPS, up to 97%, with the stability of a double conversion on-line UPS when power fluctuates beyond acceptable limits. Hot swappable batteries and electronics modules and an automatic bypass reduce down time in the event service is needed.

The HP R36000/3 3-Phase Parallel UPS can provide additional power protection for multiple racks of critical equipment in the event of a power outage with better efficiency than many site-level UPS systems. When hundreds of kilowatts of power are not necessary, the HP 3-Phase UPS provides power protection for an entire row of racks. The modular design allows the system to grow with demand. Hot swappable electronics and batteries are said to reduce downtime. For collocation facilities, the HP 3 Phase UPS can provide power protection to one or more racks and can be managed by the administrators separately from the collocation facilities.

The HP RP36000/3 3-Phase Uninterruptible Power Systems are available now with U.S. Internet prices starting at $30,999.