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High-Voltage Bus Converters and Buck/Boost Regulators for Mil-COTS Market

October 30, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

SynQor, Inc. has released its latest high input voltage, high-power dc-dc converter offerings for the Mil-COTS Market. SynQor continues to bring its innovative technologies and power management approach to the military end user. The two new high voltage unregulated dc-dc bus converters and the high voltage regulated dc-dc non-isolated converters is bringing SynQor's proven high-density Intermediate Bus Architecture (IBA) to the Mil-COTS world. These converters can be used alone or combined to provide high-density power solutions, assisting with SWaP-C2 requirements. Each converter is housed in a half-brick [2.39" x 2.49" x 0.512" (60.6 x 63.14 x 13.0 mm)] encased package with industry-standard pin out.

SynQor is introducing the MCOTS-B-270-31-HT and MCOTS-B-600-31-HT bus converters which provide an industry leading efficiency of over 95% at full and half load operation with up to 1000 W of true power. The 270Vin converter features a continuous input voltage range of 230-400 Vdc with transient capabilities from 155-450 Vdc and the 600Vin model features a continuous input voltage range of 440-700 Vdc with transient capabilities from 400-750 Vdc.

These bus converters are isolated and provide an unregulated output that over the operating range of the converter the output voltages stay within the range of 16 Vdc to 50 Vdc for the 270V product and 22 Vdc to 40 Vdc for the 600V product. Both output ranges remains within a standard military 28 Vdc (16-50V max) input voltage range. Each comes with On/Off control, inherent current share for parallel applications, and clock synchronization. Furthermore, they have input under-voltage lockout and input over-voltage shutdown that protects against abnormal input voltages, output current limit, short circuit protection (auto recovery), and over-temperature protection.

SynQor also announces the release of its high voltage non-isolated dc-dc converter for the Mil-COTS market. The MCOTS-N-28V-60-HG and MCOTS-N-28VE-90-HG buck/boost non-isolated dc-dc converters feature an input of 9-60 or 9-90 Vdc and a user programmable output from 0-60 or 0-90 Vdc. The maximum output power for a single unit is up to 2000W at up to 96/97% efficiency. These converters provide tight regulation and come equipped with internal current share, current monitoring, current trim and current limit. In addition, they do not require a minimum load to operate.