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Parker Chomerics Announces New High-Performance Thermal Gap Filler Pads

February 14, 2022 by Parker Chromerics

The new THERM-A-GAPTM PAD 30 and 60 from Parker Chomerics further optimise heat transfer applications in electronic systems.

The Chomerics division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, is introducing its next generation of thermal gap filler pads - THERM-A-GAPTM PAD 30 and 60 - for all heat transfer applications between electronic components and heat sinks.

With a dependable thermal performance of 3.2 W/m-K, the cost-effective THERM-A-GAP PAD 30 reliably conforms to rough surface irregularities and air gaps on heat generating components. For higher performance applications, THERM-A-GAP PAD 60 offers the enticing combination of excellent thermal conductivity at 6.0 W/m-K, while being 40% softer than current high-performance thermal gap pad offerings from Parker Chomerics.



With their special formulation, THERM-A-GAP PAD 30 and 60 ensure complete conformability (with low clamping forces) and the lowest outgassing, thus providing an effective thermal interface wherever uneven surface irregularities, air gaps or rough textures are prevalent. The products are ideal for use in general industrial, life science and consumer markets. Typical applications extend from telecommunications equipment, automotive electronics, and lighting LEDs, through to power conversion systems, consumer electronics, desktop/laptop computers, servers, handheld devices and memory modules. THERM-A-GAP PAD 30 and 60 are also highly effective in vibration-dampening applications.

Aside from excellent thermal performance, further advantages include ultra-low deflection force and high-tack surfaces to help reduce contact resistance.

“Thermal gap filler pads continue to be designed and used in greater capacities for price-sensitive markets, as well as those requiring high-performance materials,” says Brian Mahoney, thermal business unit manager, Chomerics Division. “We’re thrilled to expand our already impressive family of thermal gap filler pads with these next-generation offerings.”

Manufactured globally, THERM-A-GAP PAD 30 and 60 come in a range of standard sheet sizes and thicknesses, although custom dimensions are available upon request. Parker Chomerics can also supply the products with various carrier options for ease-of-application and use.