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Hermetically Sealed 125°C AC Capacitors for 400Hz Aerospace and Marine Applications

March 01, 2018 by Electronic Concepts

This article introduces MH series hermetically sealed capacitors for 400Hz AC filtering in high reliability applications.

MH series hermetically sealed capacitors are specifically designed for 400Hz AC filtering in high-reliability applications. The proprietary dry-film dielectric system, originally developed for direct mounting on aircraft generators, offers an extended operational temperature range to 125⁰C without voltage derating. The capacitors are hermetically sealed for superior moisture protection. MH series capacitors have been employed in critical 400Hz AC aerospace and marine applications since 2002. 

ECI’s 125⁰C metalized dielectric system, combined with unique proprietary process development, yields superior performance and electrical characteristics to traditional 125⁰C dielectric choices like polycarbonate or PPS. The low loss dielectric system also offers higher corona inception voltages than metalized polycarbonate and superior self-healing to metalized PPS. ECI’s critical process development and testing ensure users receive the highest reliability capacitors. Production is 100% dual-screened at 125⁰C burn-in for peak DC equivalent and 400Hz AC rating. 

Summary of MH series advantages include:

  • 125⁰C operation without derating.
  • Rated AC voltage: 160 VAC at 400Hz.
  • Environmentally sealed hermetic packaging ensures reliability in high humidity environments.
  • Dielectric system proven in filter applications directly mounted on 400Hz generators in aerospace jet applications since 2002.
  • The axial leaded package is well suited for board-mounted applications requiring operation at high temperatures in harsh environments.
  • American made in our ITAR registered design and manufacturing plant to AS9100 quality system requirements.
  • All capacitors are dual-screened through 100% burn-in at 125⁰C for both peak DC and 400Hz AC ratings.
  • Very low loss dielectric system outperforms traditional polycarbonate capacitors.
  • Very tight capacitance change across the temperature range.
  • Self-healing properties are superior to PPS.
  • Available in custom designs and packaging on request.


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This article originally appeared in the Bodo’s Power Systems magazine.