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GaN Systems Presents 5G-focused Through-wall and Through-Window Power Systems

May 03, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

Smart homes are becoming more and more widespread across the globe, and with them, new systems must facilitate powerful 5G technologies.

Nanotechnology, 5G networks, and more efficient energy generation technologies are all part of a rapidly growing industry trend. Power semiconductor company GaN Systems is now stepping up its game in the development of electronics components specifically designed for smart home applications.

At the forefront of the company’s development efforts are GaN’s 5G Through-Wall and Through-Window power systems.


GaN Systems testing of its new Through-wall and Through-Window Power Systems. Image courtesy of GaN Systems.


Using Semiconductors as Power Transfer Systems

Both solutions are designed specifically to overcome barrier limitations that may hinder the reception of 5G signals. In fact, according to GaN, its high-efficiency Through-Window system would be able to penetrate low-E glass, a material that is known for at least partially blocking 5G’s radio signals.

GaN Systems CEO, Jim Witham, says size and power are some of the biggest needs in regard to this technology. 

"We're able to get 50 percent more power than anybody ever has through that gap," Witham said. Some people say that windows are easier. Personally, I'm fine in the wall group. I don't want a modem sitting on the window of my house. But, some people do like the windows becuase the space is a lot thinner."

When compared with other low-frequency competitors, the device would also be 1/4th of the size, making it ideal for portable and unobtrusive applications. As for GaN’s Through-wall system, the device would be designed to be two times more powerful than competitors, with its signal having a penetration power between 200mm and 300mm

"5G is in need of more power in a small and lightweight way. You can do that with GaN," Witham said. "The higher frequency, high data technologies needs wireless power. And you can do that with GaN."



Optimized for 5G Applications

In terms of applications for these solutions, GaN Systems said the main ones would be related to 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). However, the company also suggested for these systems to be utilized for outdoor IP cameras as well as regular WiFi access points.

Using semiconductors as power transfer systems for 5G applications is still relatively new in the industry. Seeing GaN Systems' new 5G-based technological advancements in this area will be very interesting to continue to watch.

For more information about GaN Systems’ new devices, you can check out this video here.