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Gallium Nitride Chargers Are Here: Navitas at CES 2020

December 04, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Navitas Semiconductor announced today that it will showcase world-leading GaNFast™ power IC technology, in addition to partnerships with major electronics brands at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020. Gallium Nitride (GaN) is a next-generation semiconductor technology that runs up to 20x faster than silicon (Si), and enables 3x more power, which translates to up to 3x faster charging in half the size & weight.

A sampling of the chargers and adapters using Navitas devices include: The 300W ac-dc adapter design for the ProArt StudioBook One from Asus (pictured above), developed in collaboration with NVIDIA. HYPER by Sanho Corporation recently announced HyperJuice: the world's first 100W GaN charger. Navitas' GaNFast devices are also used in the 61W PD Pioneer from RAVPower and the 45W Mu One from Made in Mind.

"Continued demand for more powerful smartphones, tablets and laptops with larger screens and 5G capability has created a multi-$B market for next-generation fast-chargers', explained Gene Sheridan, Navitas CEO. "With 25 GaN chargers and adapters on display ranging from 27W to 300W, powering everything from phones to drones, the mobile charger market will never be the same again."

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CES attendees can discover GaN technology and the breadth of GaNFast chargers, experience faster charging using their own mobile device, and have chances win a new GaNFast charger or $1,000 in cash if they ‘Beat the GaNMan!' in a racing simulator on the Navitas booth.

"The GaNFast activities are the fun side of CES and we expect to draw huge crowds to experience GaNFast technology," said Stephen Oliver, Navitas' VP of Sales & Marketing. "Since 2018, millions of GaN chargers have been shipped by big-name brands such as Samsung, Oppo, Anker, Verizon and NVIDIA with dozens more in progress. The future of chargers is GaNFast and that future is now."

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CES runs from January 7th - 10th 2020, and the Navitas booth is in LVCC, South Hall 3, #30067.