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Fairchild Introduces New MicroFET™ Family for Low-Voltage Applications

September 07, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Fairchild Semiconductor introduced 11 new MicroFET™ MOSFET products, and now claims to offer the industry's broadest portfolio of thermally enhanced ultra-compact, low-profile (2 x 2 x 0.8mm) devices targeting low-power applications in the <30V and <20V ranges. These include cell phones, digital cameras, games, remote POS terminals, and many other high-volume portable products where space optimization and excellent thermal and electrical performance are essential for saving battery life and ensuring reliability. MicroFET power switches combine Fairchild's advanced PowerTrench® technology with an industry-standard molded leadless package (MLP). This approach allows the MicroFET to deliver significant thermal and space improvements over conventionally used power MOSFETs in larger packages.

Fairchild's MicroFET in an MLP offers designers a new package option in addition to SSOT-6 or SC-70 devices typically used in charger, boost converter, dc-dc converter and load switch applications. The MicroFET in a 2x2mm MLP is 55% smaller than a 3x3mm SSOT-6 MOSFET, while providing higher performance. For example, compared to a typical dual P-channel SSOT-6 (9mm2) device, the MicroFET (4mm2) offers 17% lower RDS(on) (95 vs. 115mOhm) and 16% lower thermal resistance (151 vs. 180°C/W (minimum copper pad values)). In addition, MicroFET devices offer exceptionally better thermal performance and higher efficiency than larger 3x1.9mm MLP devices, as well as SC-70 packages with a similar small footprint. Compared to a dual P-channel SC-70 device, for instance, Fairchild's MicroFET offers 80% lower RDS(on) and 65% lower thermal resistance.

"Fairchild offers the most complete portfolio of products available for serving low-voltage applications. These easy-to-implement, high-performance and space-saving MOSFETs are ideal for all of our customers' low-voltage switching and power management/battery charging systems," said Chris Winkler, Marketing Director, Low Voltage Power Segment. "In 2005, Fairchild was first to introduce an MLP-packaged MicroFET with the high performance of a traditional SSOT-6 device and the small footprint of an SC-70. With this introduction of 11 new devices, we're offering our customers a significantly expanded and augmented MicroFET family of products."

These lead (PB)-free devices meet or exceed the requirements of the joint ICP/JEDEC standard J-STD-020C and are compliant with the European Union regulations now in effect. They are available now, with an ARO of four weeks.