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DOSA Eighth-Bricks Deliver 300W Support PMBus

November 30, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

Delta Electronics, Inc. has introduced the E54SD12025,a high power density eighth-brick power converter. The footprint and pinout of the converters follow the DOSA industry standard (2.30"x0.9"x0.5"). The E54SD12025, a single 12V output, isolated dc-dc converter, provides up to 300W of output power. It operates from an input voltage of 42V to 60V. There is a built-in digital pwm controller in the E54SD12025 converter, which is used to complete the Vo feedback, pwm signal generation, fault protection, output voltage trim, on/off control and PMBUS communications, and so on.

With the digital control, design and application flexibility, advanced performance, and improved reliability are obtained. With optimized component placement and innovative design topologies, the E54SD12025 converter delivers not only outstanding electrical and thermal performance but possesses industry leading efficiencies which translate into more board space at less cost for our customer’s space constrained and cost-sensitive applications. Typical efficiency at 54V input, 12V output and 25A output current is 95.2%.

The E54SD12025 converter comes complete with a host of industry-standard features to insure that this unit will reliably perform in the harshest environments. All modules are fully protected against abnormal input/output voltage, current, and temperature conditions. E54SD12025 modules can also offer monotonic startup into normal or pre-biased loads.