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Dallas Semiconductor Announces Debut of DS2760 Lithium-Ion Battery Monitor

September 28, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Dallas Semiconductor (Dallas, TX) announced the DS2760 lithium-ion battery monitor, which they claim is the industry's first high-performance fuel gauge internal circuit to incorporate a lithium-ion protection circuit and an internal 25mW current sense resistor in a 3.25mm x 2.74mm die-sized package.

The system is highly integrated, with the sense resistor deposited in the DS2760 flip-chip fabrication process, therefore consuming no PCB area and incurring no additional cost in the battery pack. Dallas Semiconductor intends the DS2760's level of integration to cut costs and save space, making fuel gauging cost-effective in mainstream portable products.

Important features of the DS2760 include a signed 12-bit current ADC, a 10-bit voltage ADC and a signed 10-bit temperature sensor. The DS2760 also includes 32 bytes of user-lockable EEPROM for nonvolative storage of critical data. Likely applications for the DS2760 include all lithium-powered instruments such as cellular phones, MP3 players, personal digital assistants, digital cameras, camcorders, wireless control devices and data-collection equipment.

Available in flip-chip and 16-pin TSSOP packages, the DS2760 is in production now. The flip-chip package is priced at $1.10 each in quantities of one million.