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Cooper Bussmann Introduces UL1449 3rd Edition-Recognized Surge Protective Device for Solar Applications

October 28, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Cooper Bussmann introduced new Surge Protection Devices (SPD) which are color coded, featuring modular plug-in and DIN-rail mounted design with voltage rejection feature and easyID™ visual indication. The devices are described as simple to identify, install and maintain. As the first UL1449 3rd Edition recognized SPD for dc photovoltaic applications, in addition to IEC61643-11 compliance, it is simple to specify for solar power applications globally.

Built-in, fast-acting short-circuit interruption (SCI) technology for 600, 1000 and 1200Vdc systems safely shunts damaging surges and overvoltages to ground. This high performance capability also eliminates the need for additional fuses or overcurrent protection and associated panel space, providing PV users complete protection at substantial cost savings.

Cooper Bussmann designed the IP20 finger-safe SPD with a voltage rejection feature to prevent misapplication, and color-coded it for correct PV application to simplify protection of personnel and components.

"We are very excited to introduce our new high performance surge protection offering, which wholly complements our overcurrent protection capabilities," announced Ivo Jurek, President, Cooper Bussmann. "It is a globally comprehensive product line, both in protection capability and application: from superior surge protection for photovoltaic, and Class 1 and Class 2 IEC applications which we are introducing today, to surge and lightning protection products for wind applications and reliable network protection for telecom applications unveiling in January 2011. That will be followed in spring 2011 by UL 1449 3rd Edition recognized surge protection for both ac and dc North American applications."