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Conductive-Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors with Improved Service Life

August 02, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Panasonic Corporation announced today the new SVPT series of conductive-polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors suitable for use in equipment requiring high reliability, i.e., a longer service life, such as radio communication stations and servers installed in data centers. Mass-producing of the new SVPT series in the OS-CON line of capacitors will start in August 2019.

The new capacitors can be used as a smoothing capacitor, backup capacitor, etc., incorporated in equipment required to be low-maintenance, such as radio communication stations and servers.

By adopting unique materials and carrying out optimized structural design work, Panasonic has improved the sealing performance, the chief factor that determines the service life of a capacitor, thereby succeeding in extending its service life. The new capacitors help improve the reliability of equipment that needs to be free of maintenance requirements under high-temperature conditions.

With mobile communication systems and cloud services spreading worldwide, radio communication stations and data center servers are required to process ever larger volumes of data at higher speeds. Load currents have consequently increased, creating a more demanding service environment in which general-purpose components, including capacitors, need to be resistant to high temperatures and to have longer service lives.

To meet these demands, Panasonic has adopted unique and optimal materials and reviewed structural designs to improve sealing performance, a key factor that determines a capacitor's service life. These efforts have led to commercialization of the SVPT series of conductive-polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors, which is small and low-maintenance and offers a longer service life.

Panasonic's new SVPT series of OS-CON capacitors has the following features:

  • The new SVPT series of capacitors is guaranteed to withstand high-temperature conditions of 105°C for 20,000 hours.

Conventional conductive-polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors have the following problem: when their sealing rubber deteriorates, ambient air enters the case, putting the conductive polymers into hyperoxic condition due to excessive moisture from the air. This causes the conductivity of the capacitor to drop, leading to lower capacitance and higher equivalent series resistance (ESR). As a result, the capacitor's service life is shortened. The SVPT series, in contrast, has improved sealing rubber due to careful selection of materials and shape optimization. This ensures that the new capacitors serve for a long period under high-temperature conditions.

  • The new capacitors have an estimated service life of over 10 years at 85°C (when its service life is estimated using Law of 20°C 10 times life estimation rule).

Equipment required to be low-maintenance must have a long estimated service life under actual service conditions. A conventional capacitor gradually loses its conductivity due to its hyperoxic condition created by moisture that enters the capacitor via the growing gap between the aluminum case and the sealing rubber. The SVPT series offers a solution to this problem. Its revised structural design gives the new capacitor enhanced adherence between the aluminum case and the sealing rubber that inhibits moisture entry, achieving a long service life under actual service conditions. When incorporated in equipment that is required to be low-maintenance, therefore, the new capacitors help the equipment operate in a reliable manner.

  • The SVPT series is small (6.3 mm in diameter and 6.5 mm in height), contributing to space-saving inside equipment.

Miniaturization and high-density packaging of equipment has led to increasing demand for a reduction in the size and height of components incorporated in such equipment. The SVPT series is designed to have optimum void content inside. This gives the new capacitors superior electrical properties and heat resistance despite their small footprint and low profile. These small new capacitors make it possible to miniaturize circuit boards and save space inside equipment.

Basic specifications:

Size: C65, f6.3×L6.5 max

  • Product number: 16SVPT100M
    • Rated voltage: 16V
    • Capacitance: 100μF
    • ESR: 24mΩ
    • LC: 300µA
    • Ripple current: 2490mA
  • Product number: 6SVPT330M
    • Rated voltage: 6.3V
    • Capacitance: 330μF
    • ESR: 15mΩ
    • LC: 415µA
    • Ripple current:3390 mA
  • Product number: 2R5SVPT560M
    • Rated voltage: 2.5V
    • Capacitance: 560μF
    • ESR: 16mΩ
    • LC: 300µA
    • Ripple current: 3500mA