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Comsys adds 380Vdc Rack PDUs Based on IEC 62735-1 Standard

September 12, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The new rack power distribution units (PDUs) are based on the new dc plug & socket standard IEC 62735-1 and means that safer, more compact and standardized installations can be made in datacenter racks.

Until now all 380Vdc installations have been made with more or less proprietary solutions for plugs and sockets, with the new IEC standard the world has finally agreed upon a global connector standard for direct current installations in ICT systems.

"With these new PDUs plugs and sockets we can do installations everywhere in the world and be sure to follow international as well as local standards, which has never been the case in ac installations since the beginning of the electric era" said Stefan Lidström, Head of DC power systems at Comsys.

DC plug & socket meeting standard IEC 62735-1

Summary of the features of the new IEC rack PDUs:

  • Compact 1U x 1U vertical mount 21U
  • 20 outputs, each with up to 2.6kW
  • 12kW per PDU
  • IEC 60309 (CEE) 3pin input connector
  • Trippel function LED indicator, powerON, polarityOK, fusesOK