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Bel Power Debuts a 3.2 Kilowatt Power Supply Aimed at Data Centers

February 27, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

The new unit converts AC inputs ranging from 90-300 VAC or DC inputs that span over 180 to 410 VDC into 12 VDC for powering intermediate bus architectures

The TET3200-12-069RA achieves a power density of 34 watts per cubic inch and also features Titanium-level conversion efficiencies 

Image courtesy of Bel
The TET3200-12-069xA. Image courtesy of Bel.

Titanium-Level Efficiencies

Titanium efficiency standards are outlined by CLEAResult. The TET3200-12-069RA is spec'd in the datasheet as having achieved the “80 PLUS” Titanium standard. What that means is that a power supply such as this one achieves:

  • 90% efficiency at: 10% of the rated output load
  • 94% efficiency at: 20% of the rated output load
  • 96% efficiency at: 50% of the rated output load
  • 94% efficiency at: 100% of the rated output load
  • It also presumes a PFC ≥ to 0.90 at 29% output load


The TET3200-12-069RA at a Glance

In order to reduce component stress and to increase reliability, the unit employs soft-switching resonant techniques in conjunction with synchronous rectification. Active OR-ing on the output not only ensures that there will be no reverse load current, but it also allows the power supply to be hot-swapped. It can also be deployed in parallel for increased power and it suits the unit for deployment in those redundant power supply situations now typical in modern usage. 

There is also an always-ON, standby 36-watt output of 12 volts. The power supply also features two status LEDs, indicating AC OK and DC OK, respectively.


A block diagram of the ET3200-12-069xA. Image courtesy of Bel.

The TET3200-12-069RA  exhibits a low input capacitance of 4.3μF. Thus, when power from the mains is first applied to the unit, a low and short peak current results. The internal bulk capacitor will be charged through an NTC, further limiting the inrush current. 

The other member of the series, not as yet in production, is the TET3200-12-069NA. A primary difference is that this device is cooled by reverse airflow, rather than the front-to-back airflow as is the case for the TET3200-12-069RA. It should be noted that the power supply is designed for horizontal operation.



The TET3200-12-069RA communications via I2C. The power management bus protocol allowing the device to be monitored and controlled in real-time. Voltage, current, power, and temperature are always available. Protections against overtemperature, overcurrent, and overvoltage are included as standard

The  I2C bus supports the bootloader. This allows field updates to the digital signal processor’s (DSP) firmware. The power supply’s cooling fan is also controlled by the DSP controller. The fan’s speed is automatically adjusted in accordance with the load's power demand and the unit’s temperature. Fan speed can be overridden through commands issued through the I2C buses.


Output Derating

The TET3200-12-069RA can deliver its full 3200 watts with input voltages ranging from 180 to 300 VAC. This is for temperatures below 45℃.

At the same 180 to 300VAC input derating is to:

  • 3000 watts at 50℃
  • 2800 watts at 55℃
  • 2600 watts at 60℃



  • High-reliability servers
  • Network switches 
  • Routers


Physical Considerations

The TET3200 measures 2.72 x 1.60 x 21.85 inches. 


Safety and Regulatory Information

As is the case for any power supply, there are far too many important safety and regulatory conditions for them to all be listed here. Extensive details are supplied in the datasheet.

  • UL/CSA 62368-1
  • IEC/EN 62368-1
  • IEC/EN 60950-1 
  • CE-Mark for the European Low Voltage Directive (LVD)