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Automotive LDO Regulators with Watchdog Timers and Reset ICs

January 19, 2020 by Paul Shepard

ABLIC Inc. launched the S-19514/19515 Series and S-19518 Series of automotive LDO regulators with watchdog timers and reset ICs. The S-19514/19515 Series and S-19518 Series are both single-chip ICs that supply MCUs with power (LDO) and monitor their power supply voltage (Reset ICs) and operation (WDT).

With a standby current of 3.0µA, these devices are intended for use in a variety of automotive power applications including; constant-voltage power supplies for in-vehicle electrical applications, and automotive devices for use in engine, transmission, suspension, ABS, EV/HEV/PHEV applications, and so on.

With the increase in electric and electronic devices in automobiles in recent years, external monitoring of MCU operation to detect faults in automotive devices has become essential to strengthening and maintaining functional safety. The conventional approach of using a single-function IC incorporating a circuit for MCU monitoring increases the complexity of circuit design and the number of components.

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The new S-19514/19515 Series and the S-19518 Series of products solve the above issues by providing LDO regulators, reset ICs, and watchdog timer functionality in a single IC. This new approach saves space, reduces the number of components, and simplifies circuit design. The IC's ultra-low self-current consumption reduces standby current.

The series complies with the AEC-Q100 automotive IC quality standard and is also PPAP capable.

Summary of Features:

  • Functional integration saves space and reduces current consumption to the industry's lowest
  • Window mode improves safety
  • Housed in a compact high-heat dissipating package
  • Equipped with an enable pin that can reset the entire IC to standby
  • Automotive quality