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AEC-Q100-2, 600mA Synchronous Step-Down DC-DCs Target LDOs

November 01, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. has launched the XD9267/XD9268 Series of AEC-Q100-Grade-2-compliant, 600mA synchronous step-down dc-dc converters with an internal 36V operation driver transistor. With the increased use of electronic components in automobiles in recent years, a shift from LDOs to dc-dc converters has begun to reduce electrical power consumption.

Further, the increasing need to reduce the space used is expanding the demand for small packages. The newly developed XD9267/XD9268 Series 600mA synchronous step-down dc-dc converters with an internal 36V operation driver transistor are power supply ICs that meet the needs of this market.

The input voltage range is 3.0V to 36.0V (absolute maximum rating 40V), the output voltage range is 1.0V to 25.0V, and the oscillation frequency is 2.2MHz. For the operation mode, PWM control (XD9267) or PWM/PFM automatic switching control (XD9268) can be selected to achieve high efficiency and a low ripple voltage over a wide load range from light to heavy loads.

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XD9267/XD9268 Series

Switching from a linear regulator to the light load (1mA) efficiency of 82% and the smallest 36V synchronous step-down dc-dc converter means greatly improving efficiency by half and significantly reducing the mounted surface area by 50%.

The soft-start time is internally set to 2.0ms (typical), but can be adjusted to set a longer time using resistor and capacitor. Over-current limiting, UVLO, and thermal shutdown are available as internal protective functions.

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In addition, the output state can be monitored using the power good function. The SOT-89-5 package or the small USP-6C package (1.8 x 2.0 x h0.6mm) is optional to match the application.