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Advance-Galatrek Develops MasterElite MultiTec Line of UPSs

August 02, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Advance-Galatrek (UK) has developed a new range of single- and three-phase UPSs,

suitable for use in medium-sized professional data and voice-processing environments. The new MasterElite MultiTec units are designed to deliver sinewave power protection up to 20kVA, and offer a wide variety of customization and communication


Advance-Galatrek's new UPSs offer users the option of specifying either single-phase-in, single-phase-out; three-phase-in, single-phase-out; or three-phase-in, three-phase-out models. Each module has capacities ranging between 10kVA and 20kVA. Every MasterElite MultiTec version uses dynamic input and output filters to protect the load from upstream electrical pollution. These filters provide spike- and electrical-noise

protection even when the unit is in static bypass mode.

Advance-Galatrek's new UPSs provide protection against surges, sags and brownouts in the mains power supply. Every model

can generate a stable sinewave output over a wide input-voltage range, without the need to resort to battery power. The MasterElite UPSs can deliver mains power even down to 140Vac. The UPSs have a ride-through capability that allows them to handle mains power failures of up to 40ms, without switching to battery


The MultiTec technology enables each MasterElite UPS to alter its operation mode to match the sensitivity of the connected load, and to adjust to the characteristics of the mains power supply. Either from the

main control panel situated on the front of the unit, or remotely, the user can instruct the UPS to operate either on-line or in economy mode. In economy mode, the MultiTec circuitry mimics the characteristics of a line-interactive UPS, with the load being powered through dynamic filters. This enables the inverter to remain active, but not powering the load, until the mains fluctuates or fails suddenly. Advance-Galatrek claims that overall efficiencies exceeding 98 percent are achievable.

All MasterElite models feature built-in automatic static- and manual-maintenance bypasses, with automatic or manual battery-testing facilities. External-maintenance bypasses and dual-redundant switches can be

specified for each model. All versions allow the addition of extended battery packs and ac diesel and LPG generators.