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Absopulse Debuts Power Supplies with Active Power Factor Correction (PFC)

October 08, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

Members of the PFHI 1K-FXW series are also available with custom output voltages and offer a built in redundancy diode as an option. This allows paralleling for greater output currents, power supply redundancy, or battery charging applications.

The PFHI 1K-FXW Series. Image courtesy of datasheet


The new 1KW power supplies operate from a nominal single phase 400VAC voltage source and draw a maximum of 6.5 amps, providing either 24VDC at 40A, 48VDC at 20A, 110VDC at 9A, or 125VDC at 8A. The output is floating, allowing either the positive or negative to serve as a ground. Absopulse also informs that customized outputs will also be available.

Through the employment of active power factor correction (active PFC), input current harmonics are reduced to the point that a 97% PFC rating is maintained over the entire input range at full load.


Specifications for the PFHI 1K-FXW series


  • While dependent on the output voltage, at full load, typical efficiency is 80%


Switching Frequency

  • The input stage switches at 80kHz ±3kHz.
  • The output stage switches at 55kHz ±3kHz.


Input Protection

  • Voltage lower than the specified lower limit will not damage the unit.
  • A varistor is provided to ensure the limiting of inrush current.
  • The device includes an internal safety fuse.


Overload Protection

  • Thermal shutdown in the event of insufficient cooling
  • Rectangular current limiting (no hiccup)


Line and Load Regulation

  • Combined ±1% from no load to full load.


Dynamic Response

  • For load steps from 10% to 50%, the maximum voltage deviation is 5%. Recovery time is ≤ 1 millisecond.


Holdup Time

  • Minimum of 0.5 milliseconds for 5% drop of output voltage.


Output Ripple and Noise

  • Over a 20MHz bandwidth, less than 0.2% RMS of the output voltage or 1% peak to peak of the output voltage



Components within the power supplies that generate heat are installed on aluminum heatsink blocks. These blocks are, in turn, thermally connected to the base plate, carrying heat away from the units. Series members also feature built-in cooling fans. Together, these features provide sufficient cooling to allow operation over a temperature range of 0°C to +50°C with no derating of specifications. Absopulse advises that wider temperature tolerances are available if needed by customers.



  • Rugged construction enables series members to tolerate shock and vibration to IEC 61373

             ○ Cat 1 A & B levels.

  • Conformal coating of the power supplies provides immunity from airborne contaminants, moisture, and humidity.
  • The units measure 7.3″ x 2.7″ x 13.8″. This includes the baseplate but does not include the connector.
  • Weight is 6.4 pounds.


Regulatory and Safety

Series members are compliant with EN61000-3-2 for low input harmonic distortion.

Meets EN60950

Inputs easily meet EN55032 Class A with wide margins, with Class B compliance optionally available.

Isolation rating are:

   ○   4300Vdc input to output

   ○   3000VDC input to chassis

   ○   1300VDC output to chassis.