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ABB Power Conversion’s New DC/DC Converter Provides Power Density

December 03, 2020 by Gary Elinoff

The new 90-amp DJT09 achieves a power density of 178 amps/in3 and takes up a footprint of only 327mm2

ABB’s DJT090 DecaDLynx II power module operates over an input range of 7.0 to 14.4 VDC. The device’s output can be programmed over a range of 0.50 to 2 VDC. If more power turns out to be needed, up to eight of the units can be paralleled to achieve up to 720 amps of combined output.


ABB Power Conversion’s New DC/DC Converter Offers Exceptional Power Density Figure
Image courtesy of DJT090 Data Sheet


The DJT090 provides non-isolated output. It achieves 88.5 percent high-efficiency when working with a 12 VDC input and providing a 1.2 VDC output. 

The full 90 amp output will be achieved at:

  • Input of 12 VDC 
  • Output of 0.8 VDC 
  • Ambient temperature of 75℃ 
  • Airflow of 200 linear feet per minute


The need for High Power, High Density DC/DC Power Modules

“Today’s data-hungry applications – such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 5G, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and high-speed networking applications – require massive computational power,” said Vesa Jokitulppo, senior product manager at ABB Power Conversion. “To ensure there is enough room on the printed circuit board for the computing horsepower these applications need, concessions often have to be made. However, by shrinking the footprint of power components, and increasing their power densities, this premium board space can be reserved for even higher levels of computing capacity.” 


The DLynx ll Family

The DJT090 DecaDLynx II is one member of a family of 14 non-isolated, point of load (POL), board-mounted DC-DC power modules. Acceptable inputs range from 4.5 to 14 VDC. The highest output voltage available in this series is 5.5 VDC, and the largest output current is 170 amps. Some, like the DJT090 itself, are controllable via the ubiquitous PMBus.


Key features of the DJT090

The device’s output voltage is programmable via an external resistor or through the PMEBus. The output voltage setpoint accuracy (0 to 85℃) is ±0.5%  When controlled via the PMEBus, they typical output voltage adjustment step size is ±0.05% of VO, set. 

The unit’s On/Off state can be controlled remotely. There is a Power Good signal, and overtemperature, overcurrent and overvoltage protection is provided.

Input current with no output load current, specified with VIN at 12 volts:

  • 60mA with the power module disabled
  • 113 mA with the module enabled and VO = 0.5 VDC
  • 177 mA with the module enabled and VO = 2.0 VDC

The unit switches at 353 kHz. ABB suggests the possibility of supporting a higher switching frequency at customer request.



  • Distributed power architectures 
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Data storage 
  • Test and measurement devices
  • Networking processors
  • High current voltage rails for ASICs, FPGAs and for other high-performance devices 
  • Artificial intelligence processors


Regulatory Concerns

  • UL 62368-1, 2nd Ed. Recognized, and TUV (EN62368-1, 2nd Ed.) Licensed
  • Manufactured at ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facilities
  • Compliant to RoHS II EU “Directive 2011/65/EU” and amended “Directive (EU) 2015/863”
  • Compatible in a Pb-free or SnPb reflow environment
  • Compliant to IPC-9592 (Sept. 2008), Category 2, Class I, Class II pending 


Physical Considerations

The DJT090 measures 23.24 by 14.1 mm2. Maximum height is 14.35 mm2.

The device operates over a temperature range of -40 to +85℃