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ABB Announces its Latest EV Charging Technology is the Fastest in the World

October 25, 2021 by Antonio Anzaldua Jr.

ABB’s latest EV charger has claims to take the throne for the world’s fastest charger, the Terra 360.

ABB’s Fastest Charger Yet

ABB has been at the forefront of EV charging infrastructure that has led to reliable and emission-free mobility products since 2010. ABB’s latest EV charger has claims to take the throne for the world’s fastest charger, the Terra 360.

A lighting-based user guide that displays the state of charge of the EV battery and expected time left for a fully charged battery. Meets ADA requirements. Image used courtesy of ABB.


ABB’s solution is a modular charger that is capable of chagrin up to four electric vehicles (EVs) simultaneously all thanks to dynamic power distribution. This alone provides less wait time for consumers to charge up. The overall output for this charger is 360kW and can fully charge any EV in less than 15 minutes. If all four charging ports are being used, there is 90kW of power delivered to each EV.

The President of ABB’s E-mobility Division, Frank Muehlon discussed the increasing demand for fast-charging stations around the world. “With governments around the world writing public policy that favors electric vehicles and charging networks to combat climate change, the demand for EV charging infrastructure, especially charging stations that are fast, convenient, and easy to operate is higher than ever.” The charging versatility of the Terra 360 is refreshing, an all-in-one charging solution that is compatible with CCS-1, CCS-2, CHAdeMO, AC Type-2. 

How does it hold up against the current market, has ABB truly made the fastest charger in the world? A quick search on Tesla’s highest-rated charger, the Tesla Supercharger can deliver 200 miles of charge in under 15minutes with a 250kW charging rate, which falls behind ABB’s Terra with 310 miles of the charge in the same time frame. There are two big factors that make Tesla’s charger fall short of ABB, it can only handle one vehicle at a time and currently only works on Teslas. So around the world would not work too well as of now for Tesla’s charging technology. 

Another fast charger in the market is from Siemens, the SICHARGE D, 300 flex model. This charger is able to deliver 300kW of power and can be connected to five EVs at once. This aligns more with ABB’s Terra 360 charger but comes in a close second. With Siemen’s charger also utilizing dynamic power allocation, it only goes in 60kW steps for output power. That allows for the charging time to increase past 15 minutes, as ABB promises with its’ 360kW at 90kW power distribution for four vehicles to receive full charge in less time. 


Commercial EVs will be able to utilize the Terra 360 model for fast chagrin fleets of cars, vans, and trucks. Image used courtesy of ABB.

ABB’s Terra 360 is also making its way to larger commercial locations; refueling stations, urban charging stations, and retail parking lots. Terra 360’s design specifications will swing open the door for a global spike in EVs based on how quickly any EV can charge. Terra 360’s availability will begin in Europe before 2021 comes to an end and for the US, Latin America, and Asia Pacific regions, the Terra 360 will be available during 2022.