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8-bit MCUs for General Purpose Consumer and Industrial Control Applications

September 16, 2019 by Paul Shepard

NXP Semiconductors has introduced the new cost-effective 8-bit MC9S08PLS microcontroller (MCU) series with competitive and robust features for general purpose industrial and consumer applications.

The MC9S08PLS series belongs to the 5V S08P MCU family, which is designed to provide industrial devices more durability and reliability in harsh environments. The MC9S08PLS series integrates features such as the10-bit ADC, analog comparator, UART port and flexible timers to streamline and simplify development while reducing system cost.

The S08PLS MCU series also meets equipment safety standard IEC60730, and can offer exceptional EFT/ESD performance. In addition, the S08PLS series is designed to be scalable and pin-compatible with other S08P series, enabling IP and tools to be easily migrated from existing 8-bit S08 products.

Target applications for the MC9S08PLS series include:

  • General purpose consumer and industrial applications that require robustness in noisy environments
  • General purpose low-power applications, for example smoke detectors, portable devices, lighting controls and small appliances
  • Low end 1/3-phase motor control
  • Entry-level offline UPS

Key features of the S08PLS series include:

  • MCU core and system performance
    • 8-bit HCS08 core, with both core and bus high speed up to 20MHz
    • On-chip memory, up to 16 KB flash and 1KB SRAM with Flash and RAM access protection, meeting your storage and calculation needs
    • High resolution internal reference clock offering ±1% deviation across temperature and voltage
    • 2uA low power stop mode
  • High robustness for a trustworthy solution
    • Up to 6kV HBM ESD performance
    • Watchdog with independent clock source
    • Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)
  • Key analog functions making S08PLS competitive on the market
    • 12 channel 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), with 2.5μs conversion time and eight-level data FIFO, enables fast and accurate analog measurement
    • One Analog Comparator (ACMP) with both positive and negative inputs supporting separately selectable interrupt on rising and falling comparator output
  • Peripheral and flexible timers
    • Up to 8-channel pwm each channel can be configured as input capture, output compare, edge- or center-aligned pwm mode
    • One Serial Communications Interface (SCI, also known as UART)
    • Real Time Counter (RTC)
  • Family compatibility and working conditions
    • 20-TSSOP, 16-TSSOP and 8-SOIC packages, pin-to-pin compatible with existing S08P family
    • 7V to 5.5V supply, -40 to 85C° temperature range

Product Availability and Support

Customer engineering samples are available now for 20-TSSOP, 16-TSSOP and 8-SOIC parts. The family is expected to be mass production globally in October 2019. In addition, S08PLS is supported by our cost-effective evaluation kit. NXP enables developers through its CodeWarrior® software and tools ecosystem.