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6kW Inverter for High-Voltage Commercial Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

October 29, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Bel Power Solutions today announced a new dc-ac inverter, which offers a high efficiency commercial off-the-shelf solution for powering accessories on commercial electric and hybrid vehicles, including vehicles for emergency services, public utilities, deliveries and airports, as well as watercraft such as yachts, cruisers and ferries.

The 700INV60-120-240-9G converts a 400- to 850-Vdc power source into split-phase ac power at 120/240 Volts to power auxiliary equipment such as air conditioning. With a typical efficiency of 93%, this 6kW inverter can be paralleled in a single-phase configuration for a maximum power output of 36kW. Developers can also combine three units to create a three-phase system.

While the inverter is approved for automotive applications, including the e-Mark certification for vehicle components sold into the EU, it can also be used for hotel ac loads, such as air conditioning, fridges, lighting and microwaves. It is housed in a sealed aluminum enclosure, ready to be mounted to a vehicle chassis, and uses liquid cooling to enable operation from -40º to 85ºC ambient temperature, at full load with no power derating.

The inverter will accept input voltages ranging from 400- to 850-Vdc, suited for a direct connection to a high-voltage dc drive or battery bus. Full galvanic isolation between the input and output improves safety and reliability.

The 700INV60-120-240-9G can be controlled using the industry-standard CANbus, widely used in automotive applications. It offers a vibration immunity to both SAE J1455 and MIL-STD-202G standards plus a comprehensive set of protections, including from over-temperature, output over-voltage and over-current conditions.

An optional mating connector kit includes a three-meter high-voltage cable. This powerful new inverter is available with a short lead time and competitive pricing.