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650V GaN Power Transistors feature 12mOhm Rdson

June 22, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

VisIC Technologies today claimed the world's lowest resistance 650V 50A GaN transistor specifying an Rdson as low as 12 mOhm and capable of operation at 1MHz. These devices are designed for use in power supplies, photovoltaic inverters and electrical motor drives. These subsystems are used extensively in industrial, commercial and residential applications: robotics, elevators, washers, air conditioners, etc.

Normally-OFF mode is required for safety concerns in many power conversion systems and is the mode most familiar to all power system designers. In addition, VisIC's MISHEMT is voltage-controlled like the MOSFETs used in most power system designs. Unlike the latest generation MOSFETs, VisIC's transistors exhibit only monotonic transfer characteristics making power system design less complex and easing the adoption of this next-generation of power devices.

VisIC believes GaN technology should be provided to OEMs at the same price, or lower, than similar Silicon MOSFETs so power conversion systems can quickly benefit from the increased efficiency and reduced system cost and size available with GaN.

VisIC design of electron device for power switching, Advanced Low Loss Switch (ALL Switch) accumulates the original combination of the components in order to provide the minimum losses, small footprint and safe operation at affordable cost for the customers. VisIC’s design of the ALL Switch allows overcoming the major factors which limit a wide adoption of the GaN transistors for switching application.

ALL-Switch features high positive threshold voltage of >+3V, opposite to low threshold voltage (typically around 1V) of existing GaN E-mode transistors and, as a result, the VisIC’s ALL-Switch has much higher EMI immunity. . Record low Rdson, high breakdown voltage of more than 800V enabling safe blocking voltage up to 600 V, low voltage drop for the reverse conductivity operation and high voltage internal electrical isolation accompanied by low thermal resistance, are winning characteristics of VisIC’s product.

Currently implemented on GaN HEMT grown on 6 inch Si substrate, GaN transistor as a major part of the ALL Switch, making a switching operation with no recovery time and accountable for the lowest Rdson on market. High margin of maximal rating of critical device parameters gives to the customer unambiguous advantages for efficient, small volume and low cost system design.