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300W Open Frame AC-DC Derates to 90% at +85°C

July 28, 2019 by Scott McMahan

FiDUS Power released the ITL300 series of 3in x 5in, open frame ac-dc power supplies. Complementing the company's vast range of open-frame options from the company, FiDUS says that the ITL300 offers an edge to system designers faced with higher enclosure temperatures.

The ITL300 can provide 300W of power when fan-cooled with 10CFM and 200W when used in free air convection. It also has a peak capability of 400W for 200ms and is approved to UL/IEC 60950-1 ITE safety standards. Flexibility is afforded with 7 single output models between 12Vdc and 54Vdc on offer. The series features an integrated 12V fan output, and has remote sense and power fail signal all as standard.

ITL300 especially stands out in its thermal performance. FiDUS designed the range to achieve optimum thermal dissipation with minimal hot spots to reduce the temperature of critical components. This thermal dissipation allows a maximum operating temperature of +85°C and significantly reduces the level of derating at +50°C to 70°C ambients where rival units generally drop to 50% power.

With the ITL300, when fan cooled it will deliver 90% of its maximum 300W output even at +85°C. When convection cooled it can still provide over 140W at +70°C and 100W at +85°C.

For applications with ambient temperatures over +50°C, FiDUS says that the ITL300 is uniquely placed to remove the need for overrating, oversizing, and overspending on the power supply.

At full load, ITL300 is between 93% and 95% efficient,  so it contributes very little waste heat itself.

Notably, FiDUS says that ITL300 is also very competitively priced and suits a wide range of ITE, industrial, and technology product designs.

The unit has a peak rating of 400W for up to 200ms.  It is complete with EN55032 class B conducted and radiated certification and features  <0.3W stand by power, 12V fan output. It also has remote sense and provides a power OK signal. FiDUS backs the units with its 5-year warranty.

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  • 200W Convection / 300W fan cooled
  • 400W Peak for 200ms
  • -30°C to +85°C Operation
  • EN55032 Level B conducted & radiated
  • Up to 95% efficient
  • 5-Year warranty

The company advises those with applications facing higher internal temperatures, to get in touch for a free engineering sample to evaluate.