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3-Phase Built-In Filter with Neutral Line

April 03, 2020 by Paul Shepard

FMAD CP from Schurter is the company’s latest 1-stage filter family for 3-phase systems with a neutral line. Thanks to their extremely compact dimensions and high performance, the new filters are suited to the tight space conditions in today's machine and equipment construction. And, thanks to an extended temperature range, they can also be used in critical applications.

The new filter family is suited for devices with high EMC loads at low or medium power. Typical applications include converters for photovoltaics, battery storage or charging stations for electric vehicles, and medical systems. These powerful, particularly compact filters are also the first choice for modern frequency inverters for motor control.


The FMAD CP filter series has 6.3 x 0.8 mm plug-in connections for quick and easy wiring. Thanks to a metal flange, a good earth connection is guaranteed when screwed to the chassis.

Wide temperature range

The standard versions can be used over a temperature range of -40°C to 100°C. The filters are designed for currents from 3A to 20A at an ambient temperature of 50°C. They have ENEC and cURus approval and are recommended for applications up to max. 520Vac.

Leakage current

Versions with different leakage currents are available for various applications: for industry ≤3mA, standard ≤0.5mA and for medical technology ≤5µA.

High Performance" version

Although the new filter family is already equipped with very high-quality components, an even stronger filter effect may be required for particularly demanding applications. This is where the "High Performance" version comes into play. Thanks to compact chokes with particularly high inductance and a larger X capacitor, both symmetrical and asymmetrical interference can be suppressed even more effectively.

The completely newly developed FMAD CP filters are designed as replacements for the SCHURTER FMW4-65, offering at least the same, but rather higher performance at lower weight.


  • Compact single-stage filter
  • Various filter variants
  • Light weight design
  • Wide temperature range