New Industry Products

3.0-V Supercapacitor for High-Power, High-Energy Applications

March 05, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Power management company Eaton today announced its new 3.0-volt XT supercapacitor that offers 15 percent higher energy density and 20 percent higher power density at a lower cost per watt-hour versus currently available supercapacitors. The new supercapacitor allows a reduced size and weight for high cell count designs.

"We are pleased to deliver a supercapacitor that meets the power and efficiency needs of our customers," said Jason Lee, Eaton's global product manager for supercapacitors. "Eaton's new XT supercapacitors are designed for high-power, high-energy applications such as industrial systems backup, medical equipment and 48-volt automotive systems.

"Other applications include material handling systems such as robots and automated guided vehicles (AGVs)," concluded Lee.

Eaton's XT supercapacitors are unique, ultra-high capacitance devices utilizing electrochemical double layer capacitor (EDLC) construction combined with new, high performance materials. This combination of advanced technologies allows Eaton to offer a wide variety of capacitor solutions tailored to specific applications that range from a few micro-amps use for several days to using several amps for just seconds.

The XT series increases the energy density by 15 percent and power density by 20 percent, leading to longer operating life and/or lower cost systems.