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2.5µF to 50µF Cube-Shaped Film Capacitors for PCB Mounting

July 18, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Fischer & Tausche Capacitors introduced cube-shaped film capacitors that are "built high" to save space on the PCBs. They are also available with the company's EloPin® brand snap-in contacts, which are approved for automotive applications. The pins make a permanent gas-tight connection between the snap-in area and the metalized hole wall of the foil capacitors.

The Joule Cap series is comprised of low-inductance solutions with a high current carrying capacity. The standard capacitances of the film capacitors range from 2.5µF to 50µF, and the voltage range is between 500Vdc and 1500Vdc.

Primary applications for the capacitors include renewable energies, aeronautics,  and defense technology.

The low inductance is achieved with a horizontal winding of the foil capacitors. For simplified PCB assembly, FTCAP makes the film capacitors in three different heights of 38mm, 55mm, and 84mm, each with the same base surface.

The special construction allows the use of the film capacitors even in environments with extreme temperatures or temperature fluctuations with an operating temperature range of -45°C to +85°C.

Upon request, FTCAP can also deliver solutions for other voltage and temperature ranges, in addition to high-current-capable versions with copper contacts.


  • Same surface area in three heights
  • PCB assembly
  • Good CV product
  • Low inductance design
  • Self-sealing polypropylene dielectric
  • Custom specifications on request