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1U Power Supply from C&D Delivers 1,200W at 12Vdc

February 23, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

C&D Technologies has announced the availability of a new 1U high front-end power supply. The D1U-W-1200-12-HC offers 91% efficiency and delivers up to 1,200W (220Vac), 900W (110Vac) from its 12V main output. The new unit, which is an addition to the D1U series that already offers a 1600W version, uses proven topology and high-density power packaging techniques to give class leading output train power density of 13.2W/cu. in.

Typical applications for the D1U-W-1200-12-HC include blade servers, workstations, storage systems, and other pieces of equipment that utilize a 12V distributed power architecture. The new power supply is available with standby output voltages of either 3.3V or 5V, and uses the latest technology planar magnetic devices to help provide reliable performance and tighter process control.

Other key features of the compact unit's extensive specification include N+1 redundancy, hot-swapability, active current sharing on the main output, an I²C bus, status indicators and over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection.

The D1U-W-1200-12-HC incorporates cooling fans and has overall dimensions of 304.8mm x 120.7mm x 40.6mm. Operating temperature range is 0° C to +50° C. It is possible to fit three of the new units into an optional 1U high 19 in. wide power shelf.

"With manufacturers of next generation blade servers designing so many blades into a system, high efficiency and power density, plus effective, integrated cooling are essential requirements of the power supplies they use," said Rob Hill, Vice President of Global Product Development C&D Technologies. "The D1U series delivers this performance and will help designers in realizing their next generation products."