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1200V 75mΩ SiC-based Monolithic Transistor-Rectifier Power Device

May 02, 2019 by Paul Shepard

GeneSiC Semiconductor announced the availability of 1200V 75mΩ SiC-based monolithic (single chip) transistor-rectifier power device in an industry standard package that enables extremely low turn-on energy and reverse recovery losses while offering flexible, modular designs in high frequency power converters. GeneSiC will be presenting this new device in its stand at PCIM Europe 2019.

Wide band gap materials, such as SiC and GaN are attractive replacements to conventional silicon power semiconductor switches as they offer the potential for 100-times higher switching speeds, higher breakdown voltage, higher operating junction temperature and lower power losses. However, some properties of these wide band gap materials have not been fully exploited with present solutions as higher operating frequencies are posing numerous challenges at the system level.

Combining the power transistor and junction barrier Schottky (JBS) rectifier functionality into a single chip allows for the maximum exploitation of the inherent properties of SiC material and results in unprecedented improvements to switching performance by reducing the parasitic inductance involved with packaging and interconnection of discrete power transistors and rectifiers.

GeneSiC’s innovation features a SiC double-implanted metal oxide semiconductor (DMOSFET) device structure with a JBS rectifier integrated into the SiC DMOSFET unit cell. This leading-edge power device can be used in a variety of power conversion circuits in the next generation of energy storage, automotive, industrial and renewable energy systems.

GeneSiC’s allows power electronic systems to operate at four times higher switching frequency, thus allowing a design for proportionally smaller sized magnetic components like inductors and transformers; often the bulkiest components of the power electronics hardware.

Other significant advantages include more efficient bi-directional performance, lower switching and conduction losses, reduced cooling requirements, ease of paralleling devices and cost benefits. Not only does it bring major technological breakthroughs, but it also reduces the total SiC material footprint by up to 50%. Wide-spread use of this novel SiC device will result in 40% more in annual energy savings.

"GeneSiC’s SiC-based monolithic transistor-rectifier switch is designed and manufactured to realize industry’s lowest on-state (conduction) and switching losses with increased power density. This advanced technology promises exemplar performance in power circuits like H-Bridge and multi-level inverters demanding wide band gap based devices." said Dr. Ranbir Singh, President of GeneSiC Semiconductor.

GR75MT12K summary of features:

  • 1200V 75mΩ SiC-based Monolithic Transistor-Rectifier Power Discrete
  • Industry standard package with Kelvin-Source connection
  • Monolithically integrated Schottky MPS™ Diode on DMOSFET chip
  • Merged-PiN-Schottky (MPS) for enhanced third quadrant operation
  • Reduced turn-on energy and reverse recovery losses
  • Higher power density