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10V to 28V, 6A Peak Closed-Loop BLDC Motor Modules with Motion Controller and Driver

February 11, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Trinamic has introduced a smart BLDC motor module. The smart BLDC motor module integrates a motion controller and a BLDC motor driver. The module is controlled via CAN bus interface and comes with two firmware options-TMCLTM and CANopen. The PD42-x-1670 line offers an integrated hall sensor-based encoder for closed-loop FOC-based operation. The 10V to 28V motors are rated to 4000rpm. The packages of the three models feature a 1.7" by 1.7" (Flange NEMA 17) faceplate.

Applications for the line of motors include lab-automation, robotics, and factory automation. CNC machine controls allow the motors' to be used in lathes, mills, grinders, and pick-and-place machines.

The PD42-x-1670 is a single axis PANdriveTM for three-phase BLDC motors boasting a state of the art feature set. The modules include the drives and motors that the company says offers convenient handling and can be used in numerous decentralized applications. Trinamic designed the modules for coil currents up to 6.8A peak at 24Vdc. The motor modules have four digital inputs.

The PANdrive can be controlled via CAN or UART interface using TMCL communication protocol, or it can operate in a standalone mode with a TMCL script.


  • PANdrive smart BLDC motor
  • Supply Voltage:  10Vdc to 28Vdc
  • CAN bus interface
  • Trinamic Motor Control (TMCL) or the CANopen protocol
  • Integrated encoder (Hall sensor-based)
  • FOC based + SVPWM
  • CNC

Motion Controller & BLDC Motor Driver Features

  • High-performance microcontroller for overall system control and communication protocol handling
  • BLDC/PMSM sine commutation with field-oriented control (FOC)
  • Cascaded motor regulation modes in software (torque, velocity, and position)
  • On the fly adaptation of motion parameters (e.g. max. velocity, acceleration, PI parameter)
  • Interfaces - CAN
  • Software
    • The PD-1670 software runs on a microprocessor and consists of two parts.
    • The boot loader is installed by Trinamic during production. It remains untouched throughout its entire product lifetime.
    • The firmware can be updated by the user.
    • New versions can be downloaded free of charge from the product's web page [TMCM-1670].
  • Electrical data
    • Supply voltage: 24V nominal (10Vdc to 28Vdc supply range)
    • Motor current: up to 6.8A peak

The three Trinamic Motion Control (TMCL) models are the PD42-1-1670, the PD42-2-1670, and the PD42-3-1670. All three models have both width and height of 42mm Cbut their lengths are 53mm, 73mm, and 93mm respectively. The motors are controlled via the company's Trinamic Motion Control (TMCL) or CANopen protocols.