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10:1 Input 50W Railway DC-DCs for Chassis Mounting

November 07, 2016 by Power Pulse1595211359

The HFC50 dc-dc converter from Autronic Steuer- und Regeltechnik GmbH designed for chassis-mounting has an ultra-wide input voltage range between 14.4- and 154-Vdc with a power of 50 Watt without derating. So one single converter suits for all international on-board power supply voltages for rail vehicles including the tolerance range of ±40% required according to EN50155. This ultra-wide voltage range is an optimum solution for companies acting Europe-wide offering them the chance to qualify components cost-efficiently with one single converter.

With regard to temperature, shock, vibration and the railway-specific EMC criteria according to EN50121-3-2 strict compliance with EN50155 is provided without additional components. Further, the converter has an integrated hold up time of 10ms (class S2), which makes the compact converter really unique. For cooling the small converter (100x80x27mm) two small gap filler at the bottom are sufficient.

Standard features are inrush current limitation as well as excess voltage and excess temperature protection, in addition, the converter is open-circuit stable and continuously short-circuit proof. Standard outputs are 12V and 24V other output voltages are available upon request.