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100kWac Flow Battery Energy Storage System

January 25, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

UniEnergy Technologies (UET) announced commercial availability of the ReFlex™ energy storage system. The ReFlex provides energy savings, power stability, and resiliency for commercial & industrial, microgrid, and utility customers. It is uniquely suited for buildings, campuses, distribution circuits, and other applications. Each ReFlex is rated at 100kWac, with up to 5 hour duration.

The ReFlex is fully enclosed in one standard twenty foot (20') container. This includes AC conversion, supporting systems, and controls. No external inverter, cooling, or control is required. Each ReFlex has a footprint of only 160 square feet, and can be stacked. This provides a compact, powerful advanced energy tool to manage customers' energy needs.

Like UET's larger-scale Uni.Systemâ„¢ (500kWac/2MWhac), the ReFlex utilizes UET's next generation advanced vanadium technology. That technology has a proven safety record, with no thermal runaway risk and a flammability rating of "0". Each system has a 20 year life with no capacity degradation validated by third party testing, and is environmentally safe and recyclable.

As well as engineering and manufacturing the ReFlex, UET will install, commission, and provide on-site training to customers. UET's field team is experienced and seasoned, with multiple megawatts of systems deployed and commissioned to date. UET provides comprehensive maintenance support and 24/7 operating data monitoring.

The ReFlex controller includes a peak shaving application which autonomously enables customer savings through demand charge reduction. Frequency and voltage regulation can also be performed simultaneously. Regular operational reporting to customers is standard. Advanced analysis is available by customer request.

UET's Chief Operating Officer Rick Winter commented: "We've learnt a tremendous amount from our utility customers and MW-scale installations, which we've translated into truly robust plug & play products with remarkable operational flexibility. This allows our customers to address demanding duty cycles, both today and in the future, as they adapt to the rapidly changing power environment and tariff structures. We are particularly excited to bring our robust MW-class technology to the kW scale to provide solutions to industrial & commercial, microgrid, and utility customers at that scale."

Globally, only UET has megaWatt-scale fully containerized flow battery systems deployed and operating in the field. UET now has almost 10MW/40MWh of energy storage systems deployed or ordered by customers. Planned deployments by UET in 2016 include projects in California, Italy, New York, Tennessee, and Washington State. In 2015, UET deployed the largest containerized flow battery now in operation in the world, as verified by the US DOE Office of Electricity Global Energy Storage Database.