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From EVs and Jobs to Space and Fusion: 2023’s Top Market Insights

January 01, 2024 by EEPower Editorial

Power technology has done some amazing things in the past year. These 2023 EEPower articles highlight some of the significant advancements.

From electric vehicles and renewables in space to the potential reality of a nuclear grid made possible by fusion, EEPower’s Market Insights covered it all in 2023. Here’s a roundup of some notable tech readers found intriguing.


Power leads the way to the future

Power leads the way to the future. Image used courtesy of Pexels


Electric Vehicles

Still feeling range anxiety when it comes to EVs? Take a dive into these articles about EV chargers, charging infrastructure, and longer-lasting batteries and battery packs for some relief.


Tesla superchargers.

Tesla superchargers. Image used courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


Could EV Batteries Last 15 to 20 Years? Tesla Thinks So

EV Charging: What’s Broken and How Tesla Has the Fix

Teardown: Unpacking the Lucid Motors Battery Pack

Tesla Level 2 Charger Teardown

Ford Finds California Lithium Source


Renewable Energy on Earth and in Space

Beam me up, Scotty. Check out the cool ways renewable energy is being used at home and in space. 

New Solar Array Could Revolutionize Space Exploration

Beaming Down: Capturing Solar Power from Space

Heat Studies in Space Can Yield Earth-bound Benefits

Fourth Lunar Rover on the (Moon’s) Horizon

As Wind Turbines Get Bigger, Industry Trouble Blows In

The Hype and Hope for Hydrogen



Is a nuclear energy grid in our future? Check out these promising fusion advancements and how they affect the grid, space, and more.


Nuclear fusion research

Nuclear fusion research. Image used courtesy of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Magnetic Containment Could Produce Continuous Fusion

Nuclear Fusion Engine Designed to Speed Space Flight Starts Construction

Hydrogen-boron Fusion Gets an Energy Boost

Is a Nuclear Fusion Power Grid in America’s Future?

A Green Future for Nuclear?


Energy Jobs

Jobs, salaries, and training—all must-reads for engineering the energy transition.

Video Gaming Model Trains Next-Gen Nuclear Engineers

State of the Industry: The Evolution of U.S. Energy Jobs and Salaries

A Dirty Business: Energy Workforce Trends

Renewable Energy Jobs Abound for Fossil Fuel Engineers

Power Electronics Job Market Shows Signs of Growth in 2023

EE Professors Provide Insights on Sustainability Gaps in Engineering Education