Nexans Enters EV Charger Market

November 16, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

Nexans S.A., a manufacturer of copper and optical fiber cable products, has introduced new electric vehicle charging solutions. Nexans is part of the Eco2charge project that aims to support the development of electric vehicles. Leveraging its expertise in connection equipment, Nexans develops a smart and modular connection and charging infrastructure solution which can interoperate with the systems designed by other Eco2charge partners.

Nexans' patented busbar component connects EV charging stations without the need for digging or complicated installation. It is adapted to different charging speeds and plug-types. Finally, Nexans has also developed a smart energy management system integrated into the EV charging site that allows users to manage demand across the site.

Annie Cheenne, Business Developer Smart Grids at Nexans, said "Nexans is proud to contribute its expertise to speed up the deployment of electrical vehicles. We're looking forward to showing off Nexans solutions compatible with international standards and which can be deployed worldwide."