Zhaocheng Electric Vehicle Develops ZC 7050A EV

December 26, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Zhaocheng Electric Vehicle Technology Co. (China) announced that it has developed a high-performance electric car, the ZC 7050A, which is capable of carrying four people and traveling up to 80km per hour for a maximum of 273km. The car consumes 15kWh of electricity per 100km and has a maximum climbing capacity of 18 degrees.

The new electric vehicle features a lead-acid power storage battery and special drive engine, which is claimed to be as good as the best similar overseas products in terms of energy efficiency and recycling potential, with 95 percent of the battery being recyclable. The ZC 7050A was developed in cooperation with Qirui Automobile Co. of the Shanghai Automobile Group Co.

The car will cost 110,000 yuan (US$13,400), but the price will be lowered to about US$10,000 with mass production, which is lower than that of other electric cars developed in China and overseas using expensive nickel-hydrogen and lithium storage batteries.