ZAP Unveils 2002 Model ZAPPY Electric Scooter

September 04, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

ZAP (Sebastopol, CA) has redesigned and upgraded its ZAPPY electric scooter for 2002. ZAP says that the new ZAPPY has across-the-board improvements, from its performance and construction to its looks.

Ken Trough, Editor & Publisher of V is for Voltage, test rode the new ZAPPY in August at ZAP headquarters. "The 2002 ZAPPY scooter offers significant upgrades over the previous design in a number of critical areas," said Trough. "First and foremost is the totally new motor, which is noticeably faster and more powerful than the old motor while offering greater overall efficiency. Another huge improvement is the new drive belt. This wider, newer technology belt should last longer than the old belt, creating a significant reduction in overall user maintenance. Nearly every aspect of the previous design has been reexamined and improved in some way in this 2002 model. The cleaner, more elegant design means better wiring and cable runs, and a better, safeguarded controller and battery pack. Even braking is improved. Fans of the ZAPPY will really like this new model."

While much of the design of the ZAPPY has been improved, the company has timed the redesign with a shift of the final assembly from its California headquarters to overseas contract manufacturers. This shift has lowered production and dealer costs.