ZAP Signs Agreement for Advanced Lithium Battery Management System

January 23, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

ZAP announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for a sophisticated new lithium battery management system developed by Eco Tech A/S of Denmark to be incorporated into the XEBRA line of electric cars and trucks.

The new battery management system is part of ZAP’s ongoing research and development for a new generation of electric vehicles incorporating advanced technologies. ZAP claims the new battery management system utilizes innovations in computerized microprocessors and intelligent chargers required to control the charging and discharging of large format lithium-ion batteries. The new system helps maximize the efficiency and performance of lithium-ion batteries, delivering as much as five times the range over the lead-acid batteries currently used in a wide variety of electric vehicles.

"A key element of this new technology is the development of sophisticated software supported by the Danish Government that allows the use of lithium batteries for electric cars to be practical and safe," said Ivan Loncarevic of Eco-Tech. Eco Tech’s battery management technology has been supported by the Danish Institute of Technology and funds from the Danish Ministry of Science.

ZAP has received the first electric vehicle design incorporating this new technology and will issue updates on the results of testing. The company currently markets a variety of electric vehicles, including electric cars, trucks, off-road vehicles and other forms of personal electric transportation. The overall mission of ZAP is to establish a brand and portal for a wide range of advanced technology vehicles, including electric and hybrid vehicle designs. ZAP has done extensive research into advanced battery technologies and recently launched sales and marketing of rechargeable lithium-battery systems for mobile electronics.

"This is the very first cost effective lithium battery system we have received for use in a vehicle," said ZAP Chairman Gary Starr. "This technology from Eco-Tech has the potential to enhance the acceptance of electric technologies in the auto industry and we look forward to incorporating these advances into our existing and future vehicles."