York Research Receives 2nd Windpower Contract from TU Electric

April 06, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

York Research Corp. (New York) announced it has received a second windpower contract from TU Electric/Lone Star Gas. The new contract calls for the installation of four V-66 wind turbines, the largest in North America, on property adjacent to York's first 46 turbine windpower project in Big Spring, Texas. Energy deliveries are expected to commence within 90 days. The contract calls for a 100 percent takedown by TU Electric of power generated by the four V-66 turbines for 15 years, plus options for two additional five-year periods.Power from the program will be dedicated for use in Waco, Texas, as part of a renewable energy program called "TU Renew" being offered to customers of TU Electric/Lone Star Gas. York will provide 6.6MW of power, or a net of 19.7 million kilowatt hours annually, enough to power 1,300 homes.