XiTRON Acquisition Broadens Vitrek’s Power Analyzer Portfolio

November 11, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Vitrek recently announced the acquisition of XiTRON Technologies, a recognized source of precision power test and measurement solutions for industrial and consumer product development and manufacturing.

The XiTRON product line includes a range of single-, dual- and 3-channel power analyzers, portable calibration equipment, programmable dc electronic loads, power quality analyzers, digital milliohmmeters and phase angle voltmeters. The XiTRON line also contains products targeting the lighting industry, including ballast analyzing equipment and portable micro spectrometers for LED lighting measurement.

In addition to the extensive product range, the acquisition of the XiTRON personnel adds a wealth of industry knowledge and consistency in supporting and maintaining relationships with XiTRON customers. Vitrek will be able to provide significant engineering support for new product development as well as substantial marketing resources to sustain the expansion and growth of the Vitrek-XiTRON product portfolio.

"Acquisition of the XiTRON Technologies brand and its products is a vital component of our expansion strategy," said Don Millstein, Vitrek's President.

"These two companies, each founded in 1990 here in San Diego County, share a heritage of excellence in power measurement and analysis. The addition of XiTRON's products and brand recognition, market access and distribution channel all create exceptional synergies for Vitrek's continued growth," Millstein concluded.