Xiamen Three Successfully Completes Battery Comparison Road Test

August 22, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Evercel Inc. (Danbury, CT) announced that its manufacturing partner, Xiamen Three Circles-ERC Battery Corp. Ltd. (China), has successfully completed a road test comparing Evercel's nickel-zinc battery to an equivalent size lead-acid battery. A nickel-zinc equipped scooter achieved twice the total life distance of the lead-acid alternative. The test, designed to determine the total lifetime range of both the nickel-zinc and lead-acid batteries in a side-by-side simulation test according to the Taiwanese government's ECE-40B testing standard, was conducted by scooter manufacturer Taiwan Sanyang Industry Co. Ltd.According to Evercel, the positive test results place Xiamen Three Circles-ERC Battery Corp. in a very competitive position in Taiwan's electric scooter battery market. Taiwan's major scooter manufacturers expect electric scooter sales to reach 50,000kWh or 33,333 average scooter packs, by the year 2000.