Xantrex Provides Power Technology to PBS

October 07, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Xantrex Technology Inc. (Vancouver, BC) and AstroPower Inc. (Newark, DE) are providing a complete solar-electric power system that will be used to power production equipment for filming and editing This Renewable House. Produced by PBS, this new television program is designed to bring renewable energy directly to mainstream consumer markets.

This Renewable House is believed to be the first major television program produced using renewable energy technology. In addition to production equipment, solar-electric power will run administrative offices, and hybrid-electric vehicles will be used to transport production staff. The solar-electric system provided by Xantrex and AstroPower will be installed by Light Energy Systems, a Xantrex certified dealer.

"Xantrex is proud to be a technical partner in this effort to increase awareness about the accessibility and simplicity of renewable energy," said Kevin Hagen, director of sales and marketing for Xantrex' Distributed Power Market. "Renewable energy can help to secure America's future by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. It's safe, reliable and becoming more economical every day."