Wireless Communications Solution Pairs with Wireless Power

April 03, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

PowerbyProxi now delivers a comprehensive wireless communications system to pair with their revolutionary Proxi-Module wireless power system. The Proxi-Com seamlessly pairs with the Proxi-Module offering customers a turnkey wireless power and data solution to integrate quickly into their products or application.

The Proxi-Com is being launched with initial support for three common protocols used in industrial applications – CAN bus, Ethernet and Digital GPIO. Extensions to support Analog (4-20mA, 0-10V) and Serial (RS232/422/485) protocols will be released later this year.

"In many cases, our customers require the conversion of wired communications and power to wireless to cut all of the physical connections to their product or application. We have developed the Proxi-Com to complement the Proxi-Module to enable our customers to quickly eliminate all physical connections to their products," said Andrew Connell, Director of Marketing at PowerbyProxi.

A key advantage of the Proxi-Com & Proxi-Module as a combined solution, is dynamic pairing. Any receiver can be paired with any transmitter, connecting both power and data instantly.

"Proxi-Com represents a further evolution of the Proxi-Module solution. Our goal is to offer our customers customisable, affordable wireless power and data options that are easily integrated into existing operations and products - delivering a competitive and superior alternative to wired connections and cables," said Connell.

Proxi-Com is being exhibited for the first time at Automate 2017 in Chicago from the 3rd - 6th of April at the PowerbyProxi booth #N463.