Wireless Charging Technology for Multiple Devices

February 27, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

Semtech Corporation announced technology advancements to its LinkCharge™ wireless charging platform for concurrently charging multiple, low-power devices using a single transmitter. The technology is being used in its next-generation of wireless chargers, LinkCharge LP (low power).

Semtech’s LinkCharge LP technology provides positioning and spatial freedom for the charging of multiple devices on the transmitter. Delivering 1 Watt of output power to the charging devices, targeted low power applications include wearables such as hearing aids, activity trackers, smart headphones, smart jewelry and clothing, low power industrial and portable medical equipment, as well as LED fixtures.

“We recognized the need for a wireless charging technology that supports charging multiple devices at once, as consumers and retailers begin to expand their collections of wireless charging-equipped wearables, portable electronics, and other low-power applications,” said Ruwanga Dassanayake, Power Management Product Line Manager for Semtech’s Power and High-Reliability Products Group. “Semtech’s LinkCharge LP technology is an innovative solution that gives our customers the flexibility and convenience to charge multiple devices without multiple power supplies and charging cables.”

Semtech is demonstrating its LinkCharge wireless charging technology for multiple devices by appointment only at Mobile World Congress Feb. 27 to March 2 in Barcelona, Spain.

Key features of the LinkCharge LP technology platform: Simultaneously charges multiple LinkCharge LP receivers; Positioning and spatial freedom for the charging device(s) on the transmitter; Delivers 1W of output power to the charging devices; 5V input/2W output power;

Applications are expected to include: Low power wearables; Headphones; Hearing aids; Smart jewelry and clothing; Activity trackers; Electric tooth brushes; LED fixtures; Low-power industrial applications; and low-power portable medical devices.